Adventure park



This is a natural adrenalin-stimulating activity up among the trees which will give you a boost of energy and self-confidence. Anyone who has experienced the rapid descent on the Spiderman ropes cannot remain indifferent to this form of fun. We don’t think we would be wrong in saying that our rope-climbing activities played a major role in making the TonyResort Entertainment and Leisure Park famous.





A deep valley and strong pines growing close together: these are the ideal conditions for creating climbing opportunities of varying degrees of difficulty. When you begin, the instructor will familiarise you with the climbing equipment and its safe use. After attempting a couple of sections, you will soon be prepared to conquer this Tarzan-like obstacle course.



Group Service Price, EUR


ADULTS 13 (per person)
  CHILDREN/STUDENTS 9 (per person)
FAMILY 2 adults and 2 children 31
  2 adults and 1 child 29
  1 adult and 2 children 24
  1 adult and 1 child 19
GROUPS 5-9 adults 12 (per person)
  10-19 adults 11 (per person)
  20 and more adults 9 (per person)
  5-9 children/students 8 (per person)
  10-19 children/students 7 (per person)
  20 and more children/students 6 (per person)
PUPILS Special trails for pupils Free of charge

You should dedicate at least 2.5 hours in order to explore all available treetop trekking tracks.


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